Our management team has decades of professional experience.


MEDIAN-CORRETORES DE SEGUROS is a 100% Portuguese company, independent from financial groups and others.

Although MEDIAN’s first few years of business activity coincided with a period of major social and economic instability in Portugal (1974 and 1975), requests for our business services poured in and have grown steadily ever since.

MEDIAN’s Clients include both Portuguese and foreign institutions and companies, some of whom we have worked continuously for over 30 years.

In order for companies to modernize and for our country to develop socially and economically and achieve greater integration with the European Union, we must optimize our resources and enhance our efficiency.

Insurance companies still have much work to do. Portugal’s per capita insurance premium continues to be low. And in this ongoing building process, MEDIAN and other insurance brokers have taken on a major role.


MEDIAN-CORRETORES DE SEGUROS was founded in 1974 by Abílio Almeida Santos, who, following 16 years of experience in the insurance business – using the most prestigious American brokerage methods of the time – was inspired to create a Portuguese company capable of providing insurance consulting services with the utmost efficiency.

The MEDIAN team continues to work with the same spirit of dynamism that drove us during our first year of existence.


We at MEDIAN focus entirely on insurance consulting and policy management. Our focus on dedicated support allows us to perfect our services to the last detail.

MEDIAN acts as a gateway for accessing the best solutions in both foreign and domestic markets.

Identifying and analyzing risks in companies business areas
Making sure protection systems are compatible with existing risks
Studying coverage levels and valuation criteria for insurance purposes
Checking and validating documents issued by insurance companies
Conducting regular work meetings to do follow-up on risks insured and adjusting products to meet the evolving needs of our clients
Taking on direct responsibility for the claiming, negotiating and final settlement of damage covered by insurance contracts

MEDIAN is equally dedicated to providing expert assistance to clients with global insurance programs in foreign markets, as well as to providing local specialized assistance to foreign, non-resident insurance companies.


Aware of the demands of an increasingly globalized world, for more than two decades MEDIAN has been developing external relations with renowned international associations of insurance brokers. MEDIAN regularly attends and actively participates in meetings and conferences where we share our experience and knowledge with our counterparts in other insurance markets.

Our watchwords are “Think globally in order to perform more efficiently locally”. We at MEDIAN, alongside our international partners, seek to provide local support and guidance all over the world, so we can provide our clients with the best solutions, in line with the particular needs and legislation of each market.

With MEDIAN’s overseas support network, our clients are able to expand their businesses with all the confidence in the world.

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Phone number: (+351) 217 990 850

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